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We are bombarded with more than 5,000 images and points of contact each day. Buy this! Sell That! This will make you better looking! This will make you smarter! Sleep Better! Live Longer! The majority of these get lost in the clutter of our minds. Think of the last five marketing images you remember; go ahead and try it. Odds are you can only remember one or two. But take a minute and think of that time you met your favorite singer, or were front row at a festival, or even better yet, backstage hanging out with the artist or band. That was much easier wasn’t it? I will even bet that you can remember who took you there or got you the special access or front row seats. That – is experiential marketing. Creating memorable experiences is what we do. We take brand A and connect them with Artist B who then introduces them to fan C.

Let’s face it, in today’s society; if you have the means, you can acquire almost anything you want. You want a bigger car? Buy it. You want a better watch? Buy that too. But what can’t you buy? You can’t buy a photo with T.I, or Jason Aldean, or whoever your favorite entertainer is; but Rolex can, and Toyota can.

So Rolex runs a promotion that gives customers the chance to meet Duran Duran. A fan signs up for the contest because she loves Duran Duran and has been a fan for years. She wins the contest and gets to do something the other 25,000 concert goers do not – she gets to meet the band on the night of the show, and even better, she gets a photo with the band which now hangs on her office wall, right next to her kids soccer pictures and her wedding photos. Big question is: When she decides she wants a better watch, what do you think she will buy? A Citizen brand chronograph watch that ran commercials during an NBA game? Maybe a Breitling? No. Odds are she will buy a Rolex. Why? Because every day when she gets to her office, she looks at the photo hanging behind her desk of her standing next to Simon Le Bon, Nick Rhodes, John Taylor, and Roger Taylor. Everyday she remembers that she had that chance because of Rolex.

It’s magic that we have a chance to create. Giving people a chance to live a part of their dreams, meet their favorite stars, (and yes, every single person has someone who makes them tongue-tied and star struck), experience something that their friends and neighbors don’t get a chance to do, and maybe even a chance to do something that’s never been done.

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